About Persian and Oriental Rugs

The term Oriental rug refers to hand-woven floor coverings made from Turkey to China.  More specifically, the term Persian rug refers to those rugs made in modern-day Iran and, for some experts, those produced in Greater Persia, a swath of territory including the Iranian plateau and its bordering plains, stretching from Iraq and the Caucasus to the Indus River.  It is a region that was historically ruled by Persians and has been heavily influenced by Persian art forms, including carpets.  Most Persian and Oriental rugs serve as decorative and utilitarian objects for the home, but the rarest and highest-quality ones are coveted by collectors and museums.

At Boft, we specialize in Persian rugs and think that they are the best carpets money can buy.  But don’t just take out word for it: of the top ten most expensive rugs ever sold at auction, only one was made outside of Iran (a Turkish piece at number 6), the rest are all Persian.